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Cell Phone Spy Software

April 11, 2013 | Technology | No Comments

Cell Phone SpyA lot of people have admitted that they made some sort of mistake when they bought cell phone spy software. As a website about iPhone spy software, we felt the need to reach out to potential spy software buyers and come up with an article that will tell about the common mistakes that a lot of buyers have committed so you get the chance to refrain from them when the time comes.

The following are the top 5 most committed mistakes when buying cell phone spy software that you must be aware of:

1. Believing that “Remote Installation” is Possible.

Some people had been victims of some spy software vendors who claimed that they offer remote installation of spy software. You should know now there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to install any spy software REMOTELY. Do not ever believe any vendor that offers you remote installation, because such thing doesn’t exist.

The reason why some people became victims to those lying spy software vendors was because of the fact that some buyers couldn’t get hold or couldn’t get physical access to the cell phone devices that they want to track and monitor. Out of desperation, or say, lack of other options, these people fell to them and bought cell phone spy software that can be “installed remotely” and convinced themselves it MIGHT be true and that it MIGHT work. But now you know; it won’t work. So do not ever open up your wallet on any vendor that offers remote installation.

2. Buying from a Vendor that Does not Have a REFUND POLICY.

Assuming you found a software vendor that is honest and tells you about the inexistence of “remote installation” and you decided you will purchase cell phone spy software from them, the next thing you should do is to make sure that vendor offers a full money back guarantee.

Any legitimate company that sells spy software products which it advertised and claimed to work can offer you a full money back guarantee. Do not purchase from them if they do not offer you a solid refund policy. What if the product doesn’t work? So you just wasted your hard-earned money and precious time dealing with them only to get spy software that doesn’t work? Avoid this.

3. Buying Without Knowing first if The Target Cell phone device is Supported By the Software.

A lot of buyers have committed this mistake. They purchased spy software not knowing first if the cell phone device to where they plan to install the cell phone spy software is compatible with the software’s supported operating systems. Avoid committing the same mistake by going to your vendor’s website and see their list of ‘Supported Phones’ or ‘Compatible Phones’. In case you don’t see your target cell phone on the list, it means the phone’s OS is not supported by the software. You should contact your vendor to confirm this.

4. Not Taking Time to Review The Spy Software Installation Instructions.

Now this is a mistake that s buyers have committed and resulted for them to get blown and caught. The trouble occurred just because they did not take time to review the installation instructions of the cell phone spy software they purchased. And the regretful part is, reviewing the spy software instructions just before doing the installation process takes only a few minutes! Avoid this mistake. Take your time reviewing the installation instructions.

5. Buying the Wrong Type Of Product.

This is the last of common mistakes we have listed for you to avoid when buying cell phone spy software and as unfortunate as it is already, this mistake is where lots of money and time were wasted. There are a lot of buyers who have bought the wrong spy software products and the cause of this mistake was them not knowing what tracking and monitoring features they want and not knowing that there are two types of cell phone spy software products: Stealth and Non Stealth Spy Software.

The difference between the two software is that the stealth type is is completely undetectable and completely not visible and the other, non stealth, is visible. Do not buy non stealth if you are planning to spy on your husband whom you are suspecting of having an affair with another woman. What you should buy is the stealth type. This type will allow you to spy on him without him knowing about it at all.

Once you know the type of product you need (stealth or non-stealth), consider what features are most important to you and then find a product that has those features.